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What are your Dreams ?

Updated: May 21

Dreams What are your dreams! What do you wish for? What do you long for? What type of energy do you offer your dreams. Manifestation occurs when we put energy into those things we desire. Last Sep, my plans to move to Portugal fell through. So I asked myself where do I want to live? My heart said go where there are beaches, trees, birds singing, sun in the sky, rain to water the plants, and a small town feel. A place where old traditions meet new ways of life and friendships. I chose Wilmington, NC. I said out loud to the universe, “I want to sell my home and be there by the end of the year”. My real estate agent, various friends, a few gifted psychics told me it wouldn’t happen until at least April 2024. Now is not the right time. Again, I said out loud, “Now is the right time”! I began selling my “stuff”, and oh my so much stuff! I made 10-15 trips to various donation centers. I gave away many clothes! I decluttered my home! On Jan 2nd, I signed the papers and sold my home! I was in Wilmington on Jan 8th! I took action, I trusted in God, and was okay with whatever outcome may happen. My dream came true! What is your dream? Take action! Trust in God to bring you closer to your dreams.

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