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Animal Services

Experience unparalleled pet care with our dog walking, cat sitting, and animal communication services. From tailored walks and personalized cat care to fostering a deeper connection between you and your pets, we provide a holistic approach for a harmonious and enriching experience. Trust us for intuitive and exceptional care for your beloved dogs and cats.

Dog Walking

Embark on a harmonious journey with our dog walking services, where each step is guided by a unique blend of expertise in animal communication. Beyond a simple stroll, our experienced team connects with your canine companions on a deeper level, intuitively understanding their needs and desires. Choose our dog walking services for more than just a walk – opt for an enriching adventure that strengthens the bond between you and your cherished pets.

Cat Sitting

Experience cat sitting services like never before, where our expertise in animal communication elevates the well-being of your feline friend. From gentle interactions to favorite playtime activities, we ensure your cat feels understood and cherished in your absence. Choose us for a short-term guardian that goes beyond conventional care, creating a tailored and contented experience for your beloved cat. Available for long and short term bookings.

Service List

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What Clients Say

My friend Laurie spent the night at my place along with my three cats.  I'm not quite sure what she did, but after my cat (who is outgoing) received a relaxing Reiki session on the couch, my other two cats (who are hesitant around strangers) came strutting out of the bedroom, went right over to her, expecting their turn.  I was amazed!  Even I felt calm, relaxed, and happy after her visit.  Please come again soon Laurie!  -Lynn

I also offer Animal Communication!

 As a skilled animal communicator, I intuitively tap into the unspoken language of animals, offering insights into behaviors, emotions, and health concerns. With a blend of empathy and telepathic communication, I aim to strengthen the bond between humans and animals, fostering mutual respect and harmonious coexistence. Experience the transformative power of animal communication for a more enriching and fulfilling life with your beloved pets.

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