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Allow your true colors to shine through.

Let your path lead you there!


Hi and welcome to you! Here’s a bit about me. 


I’m a Reiki Master who loves to offer Reiki to shelter animals and all your animal companions. I’ve seen the good that Reiki brings to all areas of the being, be they human or animal, and I love being a conduit to make Reiki available to you!


My life’s journey has taken me to this beautiful place of helping people and animals to heal!


My own healing journey of discovery has also led me to learn and become certified in The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson, Meditation and Mindfulness Training through the School of Positive Transformation and Crystal Healing, among other modalities. My sessions combine any of the modalities at my disposal to help you to feel the freedom that is actually already yours.


Since a recent Kundalini awakening experience, my thoughts and feelings, including my world view, has changed significantly. This ongoing experience also has a physical component which can seem scary because it doesn’t fit into any medical model. In my case, the Kundalini awakening has been more manageable with all the support I’ve received. If this speaks to you and you need assistance to navigate these waters, I’d be honored to help and support you in this area, as well!


I look forward to working with you and/or your animal friends to bring balance, harmony and flow into your lives. See you soon!





Laurie Comeau Spiritual Practitioner, Performing Pet Reiki

Reiki Healing for Your Pet

  • Is your pet recovering from a recent illness?

  • Did you recently adopt a new furbaby?

  • Did you recently move to a new home?  Is your pet apprehensive in his/her new environment?

  • Are you stressed  about your pet's situation?

Laurie Comeau Spiritual Pratitioner Practing Reiki on a Horse

If yes, Reiki may be very beneficial for you and your animal. 

Reiki induces deep relaxation and stress relief.

Reiki balances internal energies and the surrounding aura(s).

Learn More About Reiki
Learn More About Laurie
Laurie Comeau Spiritual Pratitioner Practing Reiki on Person, Click To Book

What Clients Say

My friend Laurie spent the night at my place along with my three cats.  I'm not quite sure what she did, but after my cat (who is outgoing) received a relaxing Reiki session on the couch, my other two cats (who are hesitant around strangers) came strutting out of the bedroom, went right over to her, expecting their turn.  I was amazed!  Even I felt calm, relaxed, and happy after her visit.  Please come again soon Laurie!  -Lynn

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