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Animal Messages - Time for Play

I sometimes chuckle when I open Facebook and/or Instagram and see those most adorable little cat photos; or I see videos of the baby cats playing with each other. The other day I even saw a dog/cat sleeping together like best friends. Seriously, I could watch these videos all day, so addicting, and so uplifting!

Then I thought to myself, why have I recently seen more and more of these types of photos? When I sat quietly for a few minutes, I was reminded of how cats love to play, to just be themselves and run around the room, so free, with little care in the world. A free spirit that is just part of their nature.

The message I receive from cats is a reminder for me to relax my mind, put down my work, release that “business deadline” from my mental thoughts, lower my shoulders, and take 2-3 deep breaths in. As I slowly inhale that first breath, hold it, feeling it in my chest expanding my stomach, and then releasing it, I come across a calmness. I sit still as I feel my body and mind slow down, taking a pause, and letting go of tension. After my second deep breath I can tell I am releasing worries and now more focused on sensations in my body. When the third breath is complete, I cannot even remember the thoughts that were swimming around my head about work. Instead, I feel blessed, grateful that I have these easy breathing techniques in my pocket, my tools for creating a better me!

Cats remind us how important it is to just be. To listen to our hearts and when we hear the message of “it’s play-time”, then go play, take a little time out to enjoy what makes us smile. This can be so simple. Enjoy a flavored coffee on your patio in the morning, listening to the bird's chirp; Listen to an inspiring podcast on your phone, hug a friend or reach out to someone special you haven’t spoken to in a while, or look in the mirror and say, “I love you”.

When we feel off or afraid, the cat helps teach us to be more playful, smile a bit more, laugh a bit more, love to have fun just a little bit more.

Laurie Comeau Spiritual Practitioner

Animal Messages

cat playing in grass
time for play - animal messages

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