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The Power of Turtle Energy

The Power of Turtle Energy

When I first moved to Kirkland in 2016, I was very overwhelmed.  Don’t get me wrong, I truly loved the city of Kirkland. It was located on the edge of a large lake, had super cute little restaurants and shops, and just had a neat little vibe to it.  My new neighbors were all friendly and I felt at home.


As we all know, all things related to packing up a home, moving, searching/buying a new place, unpacking, along with getting familiar with your new area and new job can all be overwhelming.


During one of my Saturday excursions, I came across this really nice park where you could walk into the wooded area along well-manicured paths. At the end of one path was a long pier.  I walked out onto the pier, and to my amazement found a large pond filled with beautiful lily pads.  Lying amongst the lily pads were floating pieces of wood with a bunch of small turtles sunning themselves on them.


I was fascinated and watched the turtles for likely an hour.  Now, for some reason, I kept returning to watch the turtles. In fact, I invited all my new friends to come by with me to see the turtles. One of my closest new friends, said to me, “”you seem infatuated with these turtles”. We both laughed.


Later that day, I thought about what my friend said.  I pondered, and asked myself, what do turtles actually stand for?  Just from watching the turtles, I realized they were living a fairly chill lifestyle. They spent many hours in stillness, enjoying the sun.  It dawned on me, that I had been receiving messages about my need to slow down, to breathe, to enjoy each day, to sit in stillness, and plain and simply to “chill the heck out”! 😊


When animals come into our lives, they do so for a reason.  The power of animals is truly profound and so beautiful!




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