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Spiritual Awakening

Back in approximately 2019, I had a very enlightening experience. It was during a class I signed up for at a Seattle book store where a guru was going to speak about Kundalini. At the time, I knew very little about the topic of Kundalini. What I did know, is that a few months prior, my Kundalini activated and I had this very powerful, spiritual, sacred, cosmic energy flowing within me. When I entered the class room area, I had no expectations. I was desperately looking for answers, a sponge hoping to absorb any information I could about Kundalini. The presenter, known as a guru, sat cross legged on a large chair. As I watched him speak, his body disappeared! I rubbed my eyes, blinking many times but each time I looked at him, I could no longer see his body. What I saw was this beautiful light shining out of his skull. I was astounded and yet knew I was going to receive a message of truth. What came to me then, was that, we are not our bodies. We are the beautiful, loving light/energy that is within us. This spiritual energy is God and God is us. God is in all things; humans, animals, plants. God is inside of us and we can access this love, wisdom, at any time. We just need to be silent (silence our mind and thoughts) and go within. These days, I’ll sit quietly on my porch or a bench in a park and Listen to the birds, or the wind blow. I also use prayer and meditation to quiet my mind.

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