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It’s me Laurie. But who is Laurie?

Updated: May 5, 2023

It’s me Laurie. But who is Laurie?

In Nov 2022, I felt gently pushed to move forward with my truth and to share it with the world. Was I to write a book, create a new website, have a youtube channel, other… In Dec that same year, I started typing a book and 2-4 chapters filled the pages, like a whirl wind. The words just poured out of me! And then as I neared my pre-planned pilgrimage to Assisi, Italy for mid-December 2022, my mind slowed and so did my writing. I guess I reached a point of needed reflection and quiet time.

So now in Jan 2023, while sitting quietly in my living room and thinking about my book, I closed my eyes, and internally asked, “Once my book is written, what should I call it”. To my astonishment, I instantly received a message in my head, “It’s me Laurie, Sharing my True Colors.”

I couldn’t believe I received an answer so quickly! Wow! In some ways, I already knew the answer, as I’d been hearing a famous song by Cyndi Lauper, run in my head since Oct 2022 – True Colors. It just played over and over, every single day, all day. During a psychic reading in Nov 2022, the psychic told me she saw a colorful stained glass window and I was being asked to share my true colors. In a written aura reading, also in Nov, the reader told me how important it was to share my truth at this time.

So, who is Laurie? Who am I? I am GOD (divine/spirit/universe) and GOD is me. We are all one. I am a beautiful light filled with love. I am a deep spiritual energy that wants to shine. And I am also an illusion. I am here on this physical plane, housed inside a body. When my body dies, my spirit lives on. Through each incarnation, I have learned and will learn new lessons, new ways to heal, new ways to let go of that which does not serve me, new ways to forgive, new ways to love and show gratitude for GOD (divine). I will learn new ways to go within and connect with GOD!

In this lifetime, my kundalini was activated in a very powerful manner. It’s never too late – wink, wink. I was 56 years old. I had been performing many spiritual practices, from Reiki training, akashic records training, praying, saying daily affirmations, meditation, tai chi, reading spiritual books, etc. Although GOD knows why my kundalini was awakened in Apr 2019, I feel it was due to the many spiritual practices I had been performing, along with true, surrender.

In Jan 2019, I quit a very stressful job, without a new job to go. I trusted that GOD would take care of me and guide me on my new journey (my way of surrendering). I initially, used my time as much needed time to heal, rejuvenate, slow down, and later to build a new Reiki energy healing practice – focused on animals. And so here we are today!

Laurie Comeau, Grand Canyon, Arizona
It's Me Laurie

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