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This is Zoey at 16 months old. I was visiting family when this picture was taken. Soon after this pic and while Zoey was playing, she stepped off my nephew’s back patio and hurt her leg. The deck was only 1-2” off the ground, but she somehow landed in weird way. Anyways she began to cry and wouldn’t let anyone touch her leg. I spent the next hours and full day cuddling her and carrying her everywhere. I gave her medication for the pain. She trusted me and didn’t cry when she was close to me. Thinking back, I remember that Zoey and I did not bond when she was a puppy. I was in a stressful job, had a long work commute, was dealing with an arthritis flareup, felt lonely, and wasn’t fulfilled. My energy was tense and not inviting. Fast forward a few months, I started seeing a practitioner for Reiki energy healing. I also began sitting quietly, doing deep breathing exercises, speaking daily positive affirmations, getting massages, reading self help books, and walking out in nature. A few months into the energy healing, the walls around my heart began breaking down, I felt lighter, happier, and mostly calmer. I could see the light of this world. Zoey and I began connecting, playing and laughing, and creating a deep bond. I learned her behaviors and she learned mine. We lived side by side with love in our hearts. For me, it was only when I looked within, at myself, took responsibility for where I was at, that a huge shift was created. With each small step, my world got better, more colorful, happier. I looked for purpose. I encourage others to look, seek, find your true path, your true colors. Live the life you dream about!

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