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When Families/Friends Hurt us?

When Families Hurt us?

How do we move past the hurt families/friends cause us? How did a once thriving and loving relationship with a sister/brother, become disconnected and volatile?


As we move through our spiritual journey, situations and events are brought to us, to help us learn various important lessons.  The lesson may simply be about understanding and forgiveness. It can also be about our vibration.


As one opens their heart to love, compassion, forgiveness, we may find that we no longer connect with family members and even our closest friends.  We may no longer care to involve ourselves in the “drama” of any situation, with anyone.  We lose all interest in relationships with friends who we drank and partied excessively; friends who we gossiped with; friends who aided in destructive behavior.


The shift or change has quite a bit to do with our vibration, our energy. As our hearts open to love, getting involved in acts of non-kindness no longer resonates with our energy, our hearts, our souls.


Have you ever wondered why your sister/brother/friend lashed out at you or judged you in a negative way for any reason?  The reaction occurred because of the pain or fear in their heart; the pain or fear that hasn’t been healed.  So why did the situation present to me? It came as a lesson to assist me in seeing into the other person’s pain, accepting the path they are on (without changing it) and moving forward on a healthy course for myself, without resentment, hate, or anger.


I once heard a saying that helped me heal tremendously from hurt I felt as a child and teenager.


I forgive you for not being the loving “father/mother/sister/friend” I needed you to be. I see that the pain in your heart prevented you from being there for me.  I added: I pray for your healing and send you love on your journey toward love and happiness.


TUG: Thank you God! Thank you for my life filled with love!


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