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Emotion Code - Removing Blocks to Building Strong Connections

Removing Blocks to Building Strong Connections


Whether we believe it or not, we are all connected.  However, do you ever feel disconnected from someone?  Maybe a wife, husband, friend, or even our pets….

I want to share a story about a time soon after I arrived in Arizona in 2020.  First off Anthem, AZ has the most amazing dog park; or should I say parks!  They have 4 fenced parks requiring a key fob entry and rabies vaccination records before you can even get through the main gate. Two parks are always getting watered and repaired, while the other two are in use.  They have a calm dog park and a high energy park (more for the larger, more aggressive playing dogs).

Zoey absolutely LOVES the dog park!  She runs around endlessly and visits every human in the park.  She loves people and spends more time with the humans than she does with the other dogs. For her it is all about her ball, fetch, and teasing people when someone bends down to retrieve her ball, thinking she will drop the ball, and when she quickly turns around and runs off.  Oh, how she loves to do this!

Anyhow, about a month or two into the dog park, I noticed when it was time to leave, she would avoid me.  She would do everything to stay out of my reach. I often spent 20-30 minutes getting her to come close enough for me to grab her.  Mostly I had to ask other people to hold onto her when she was sitting on their lap. This went on for months and for me, I began to dread going to the park; and started getting frustrated and even angry about the situation.

I am not sure where I heard about it, but I read about the Emotion Code book by Bradley Nelson. Nelson teaches a method to release trapped emotions in your body to help heal aches, pains, anxiety, depression, anger, and even disease.  Something clicked within and I felt that Zoey was avoiding me because of trapped emotions that I had.  I got online and ordered his book.

After just a few weeks of reading it and playing with the methods, one morning I decided to see whether I held trapped emotions around the dog park/Zoey reactions toward me.  I was able to release at least 4-6 emotions. I went about my way doing housework, errands, and then it was time to take Zoey to the dog park.  I actually forgot that I had done the emotion code session on myself earlier that day.

We had been at the dog park for just 5-10 minutes when Zoey got overwhelmed by a few bigger dogs. I asked her to come over to me and sit on my lap. To my astonishment, she came right over and sat with me.  Once she regrouped, she went back out playing.  When it was time to leave, I called her over and once again, she came running over to me.  I was just amazed!  The emotion code session worked! I went home and immediately signed up for the next Emotion Code course and am now a certified practitioner! What a game changer!

I am writing this in Mar 2023 and to this day, Zoey still listens to me at the dog park!  




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