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What is Energy?

What is Energy?

Since 2019, I have been practicing energy healing.  I’ve been a witness to some miraculous healings. The most powerful healing has been my own.  I can’t even imagine my life before I began receiving Reiki energy healing.  I can’t even count the number of breakthroughs I’ve had since my first session.  But what is energy?

Imagine living in a household with a wife and two children, when you walk into the front door, and before yelling out, I’m home, you feel a heaviness in the air.  It’s almost as if you know right away that something is wrong.  You walk into the kitchen and see your wife and kids crying and they tell you that your grandmother passed away.  The feeling you experienced was energy.  In this case, it was heavy, dark, sad energy.

Now imagine, your daughter comes flying into the living room with a big smile on her face.  Before she even sais anything, you can tell she is in a good mood and you can feel her “good vibe”!  She blurts out that she got an A on her test and is ecstatic! This is also energy. This is positive, fun energy.

Reiki comes from the Japanese words, Rei – meaning universal and Ki or Chi – meaning life energy. Universal life energy.  It is not a religion. It is not a spell.  It is energy that is very spiritual, soft, healing, and peaceful. Reiki knows what needs to be healed.

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