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Kundalini is a dormant spiritual energy at the base of your spine. Deep meditation and spiritual practices can awaken it.

Why does it activate?

I’ve read many books and watched many videos on YouTube where people explain that their kundalini activated accidentally. They go on to state they were messing around with hallucinogenic drugs or ayahuasca and it just happened. I do believe the part about kundalini awakening but I am not sure if it was by accident. I believe in reincarnation and that all of us have had many lifetimes. With that said and because we don’t usually remember our past lifetimes, we are unaware whether we have been a sage, a medicine woman/man, a spiritual leader, or a yogi. For all we know, this lifetime was a predetermined destiny for kundalini to awaken. And only God (used interchangeably with the divine, source, spirit) knows the answer. Also, per my beliefs and teachings, once kundalini is activated, it remains active throughout this life and all lifetimes going forward.


What is the purpose of Kundalini?

Although every action we take in this lifetime (good and bad) will create new karma, after a kundalini awakening, the main purpose of the powerful energy is to burn down or clean our systems of our accumulated karma. So in a way, it works backwards to remove and clear all karma ever created in this life and all prior lifetimes. This is done through meditation (or sadhan) – by closing your eyes and sitting still. Nothing else is needed. Kundalini knows everything and will work to erase your actions and the associated feelings around those actions.

What happens after Kundalini activates?

I will try to explain this from my own experience. Once my kundalini activated, I instantly had a deep knowing and awareness of the world. It was like waking up
my mind and thoughts to what is true. I became very sensitive to sound, color, nature (trees and plants), animals, human feelings, and even minor shifts in energy. My intuition was heightened. I craved different foods, began enjoying different types of music. I no longer cared to own a large home or buy anything lavish. In fact, I sold my home within 6 months and downsized substantially. Shopping was boring to me. I rarely drank afterwards. I shed many feelings around anger and judgement. I spent many hours praying and meditating. I became fascinated with all animals and their well-being, healing, and welfare on a whole.

One of the sad parts about my awakening is that I lost a few of my close friends, as we no longer resonated with each other. Some could not relate or didn’t understand what I was going through. And some were even afraid to spend time with me.
From the get-go, I experienced very strong kriyas. Many to the point, that I had to lie down several times a day to let the energy run through me. I was hesitant to be around other people as never knowing when a kriya would occur. Luckily, I was not formally working at the time and had 2-3 months to enjoy needed down time. Although this had been progressing, my clairvoyance strengthened. Whenever I closed my eyes,

I was shown things; animals of all kinds, how people lived, other galaxies, how trees and
the sky are connected, and the list goes on.



I recommend the book, “The Power Unknown to God” to help readers better understand how your kundalini awakening and what to expect afterwards.



I encourage those looking for support and answers regarding your kundalini awakening to seek out a guru or spiritual teacher specialized in kundalini, who can guide you through your journey. After approximately 2 years, I happened upon an Instagram page for a Shaktipat Guru, and hence I knew that I found my teacher! Since he lived in Australia, we spoke over the phone and via Zoom a few times and I filled out a huge questionnaire. I was also required to read the book mentioned above. After I was accepted into the Monks of the Shaktipat Order, I was initiated by my guru, G. Hagi and am now part of an online group. If interested, the website for this group is listed above.

For those souls, who feel they’ve experienced a kundalini awakening, and are looking for answers, or may just want to discuss their experience with someone (who can relate), I offer mentoring sessions on my website. Please note that I am not a licensed counselor or physician. In my sessions, I allow an individual to share whatever it is on their mind and in return the person will receive acceptance and understanding of their situation. If able, I will offer guidance, based on my own individual experiences.

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