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A Holistic and Compassionate Approach
to Animal Caregiving 

Welcome to my sacred space, where I offer animal caregiving and healing using a loving, compassionate, and intuitive approach.

Join me as we connect, explore, and transform the bond between humans and our pets.  

Explore my services


Animal Caregiving services

  • Dog walking

  • Cat Sitting

  • House-Sitting & Over-night Stays

  • Animal Energy Healing

  • Intuitive Animal Readings


Spiritual Practitioner services

  • Reiki Energy Healing for Pet Parents

  • Intuitive Readings (reading emailed within 72 hours  - on hold for now)

What Clients Say

My friend Laurie spent the night at my place along with my three cats.  I'm not quite sure what she did, but after my cat (who is outgoing) received a relaxing Reiki session on the couch, my other two cats (who are hesitant around strangers) came strutting out of the bedroom, went right over to her, expecting their turn.  I was amazed!  Even I felt calm, relaxed, and happy after her visit.  Please come again soon Laurie!  -Lynn

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